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Learning through participation with Tavasham

The Collaborative Learning Platform
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Collaborative Learning is a process in which two or more individuals obtain knowledge together, or in a group setting. Tavasham’s Collaborative Learning Platform (CLP) provides a means of simulating events that affect the lives of individuals, groups and communities.

Originally developed from an electronic game (Tavasham) that introduced players to the issues involved in development projects that affected heritage, such as restoration of historic buildings, CLP enables individuals and groups to use role play and specific information relative to their particular interests to explore a wide range of development and planning issues.

CLP is an ideal tool for training planners, decision makers and business professionals alike, increasing their understanding of the many issues involved in securing a successful planning outcome. It has been developed in conjunction with teaching heritage, history and archaeology at degree level.

The Platform is a tool that is capable of exploring any scenario way beyond heritage and planning issues and can be tailored for use in all educational situations from primary to further education and training.

Tavasham CIC has been established as a not for profit company to promote to and educate the next generation in quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable planning

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